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While D2 can also be known as #2 Diesel, Spain and Belarus refineries never use the name D2.

They use operation terms like Gasoil 0.2, Gasoil 0.1, ULSD/50-10 ppm/EN590 (EN590 implies that standard of the quality of the product according EU regulation EN590.

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We don't see D2 in the Russian Federation since the beginning of 2010 when the Russian Federation began to export primarily Gasoil 0.1.

We might use the term D2 but it depends on the quality of gasoil under Spain regulations. The export of Gasoil with sulfur content of 0.2 or more is forbidden. It allowed just for agriculture use in trucks on domestic farms and not the international market.

But we'll call it D2 (Diesel #2) since many US brokers still continue using that term.

The primary producer of D2 Diesel is the Russian Federation. Click to see a map of the Russian Federation pipeline.

The Arab countries import D2 for his or her local markets. Russian D2 is similar to Arab D2 Diesel (technically).

D2 Diesel is the fuel we run in our cars and trucks.

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Diesel fuels are stopped working by this numeral system. To put it simply it breaks down the fuel categories by API gravity (weight & viscosity) and BTUs. ASTM and DIN spec unwinterized straight pump diesel is #2.

#1. #1 fuel oil, kerosene, jet fuel. #1 Diesel, #1 heating oil

#2. #2 diesel, #2 heating oil

#3. obsolete, no more used, the ASTM no more prints the specs for it

#4. #4 diesel, this is a heavy oil utilized in some large marine diesels

#5. #5 fuel oil, also called bunker oil for ship boilers & diesels

#6. #6 heavy fuel oil, #3 heavy bunker oil, residuum, for boilers

What confuses people is that the number systems overlap for diesel and fuel oil.

D2 Diesel fuel has to meet more specifications in comparison with fuel oils.

A lot of people think they are the exact same fuels, they can be.

D2 Diesel fuel could be substituted for fuel oil, however the opposite is not true.

National D2 Diesel is the ultimate global source for reliable supply of bulk D2 Diesel.

We deliver D2 at competitive prices simply because we use the source refineries only.

National D2 Diesel offers direct from the refineries supplies of D2 to satisfy a growing demand around the world to the Majors and self finance buyers.

D2 Diesel is purchased from refineries around the world but primarily in the Russia Federation.

We are able to guarantee our buyers accessibility to D2 Diesel with all the "Gost" Quality or better, combined with the on time deliveries, due to our direct refinery's. The costs we are able to offer are usually the best available on the market for D2 Diesel.

D2 Diesel fuel is distilled directly from petroleum.

Distillation yields some gasoline, however the yield would be inadequate without catalytic reforming, which is a more costly process.

D2 is considered safer than petrol in several applications.

Although diesel fuel will burn in outside using a wick, it will not explode and does not to produce large amount of flammable vapor.

The reduced vapor pressure of d2 diesel is especially advantageous in marine applications, where the accumulation of explosive fuel-air mixtures is a particular hazard. For the similar reason, diesel engines are immune to vapor lock.

For any given partial load the fuel efficiency (mass burned per energy produced) of the diesel engine remains nearly constant, as opposed to petrol and turbine engines designed to use proportionally more fuel with partial power outputs.

They generate less waste heat in cooling and exhaust.

Diesel engines can accept super- or turbo-charging pressure with no natural limit, constrained only through the strength of engine components.

This really is unlike petrol engines, which inevitably suffer detonation at higher pressure.

The carbon monoxide content of the exhaust is minimal, therefore diesel engines are utilized in underground mines.

D2 Diesel